Uchida-san wa Zettai ni Gyaru Janai!

Uchida-san wa Zettai ni Gyaru Janai!
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A gyaru on the outside, but an otaku on the inside!?Naruse Arata, an otaku who loves “Riri Gyaru”, meets a girl who looks exactly like “Riri-chamu”, a character from “Riri Gyaru”, at the entrance ceremony of his high school!
The excitement is short-lived, however, as the girl turns out to be Uchida Hina, a fellow otaku from the same middle school.
After a lot of effort, Uchida-san has “visually” become Naruse-kun’s favorite gyaru, and she’s excited that she can finally go out with Naruse-kun, whom she’s loved since middle school, but…
What Naruse likes is a girl who’s a gyaru on the “inside”…!Can an otaku become a gyaru on the inside!?
A four-panel romantic comedy in which Uchida-san tries her best in love, but is “adorably futile”!

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